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Gas Springs

Rexima GmbH is an excellent source for Gas Springs, Hydraulic and Vibration Dampers, Height Adjustment Systems and Safety Systems.

Nowadays, Gas Springs and Dampers can be found almost everywhere.
Including: Cars, Buses, Commercial Vehicles, Construction and Agriculture Machinery, Furniture’s, Swivel Chairs, Industrial Applications, Health Care, Household and Buildings, Sport and Leisure and many more.

At Rexima GmbH you have one stop for all your Gas Springs requirements.

We supply ex stock or in short delivery time any Gas Spring you need.




Among other we supply:

   Airax, Arvinmeritor, Bansbach, Bloc O Lift, Bloc-O-Lift, Damper, Dampers,
   Dictator, Easylift, Enidine, Gas Spring, Gas Springs, Gasfeder, Gasfedern,     
   Gaszugfedern, Gas Cylinder, Gasdruckfedern  Gassprings, Gaysan, 
   Global Gas Springs, Lesjfors, L
ift O Mat, Lift-O-Mat, Stab-O-Mat, Stabilus, 
   Suspa, Hahn, Ace, Dictator, T-Tecknik, Al-Ko,



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