Since 1990
All components and
      spare parts to keep 
      your fleet moving.



Trucks & Busses

Rexima GmbH is an expert in the supply of aftermarket parts for trucks and buses.

We supply spare parts for:
Gears, Transmissions, Engines, Chassis, Gas springs, Brakes, Injection pumps, Radiators, Dampers, Starters, Alternators, Lamps, Wiper systems, Auto electric and any other parts needed.

Rexima GmbH is a leading supplier to the bus production industry, where we supply all parts and accessories needed for the bus production.

We offer parts for:
Daimler Benz, M.A.N, Iveco, Daf, Volvo, Scania, VW-M.A.N, Bowa, Neoplan, Setra, Van Hool, EvoBus, Kässbohrer.



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